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We are a dedicated team of experts passionate about reimagining the world of social engagement. With a unique blend of skills in machine learning, natural language processing, large language models, and product development, we've come together to create Klones - a groundbreaking AI platform set to transform the influencer landscape.
Our journey began with a simple question: how can we enhance social interactions in a digitally-driven world? Our answer lies in the power of artificial intelligence. At Klones, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to forge deeper, more personalized interactions between influencers and their followers, while introducing a novel approach to content monetization.
As a team, we share an unwavering commitment to technological innovation, user privacy, and creating genuine connections. We’re small in size but big in ideas and ambition, and we're excited to redefine how influencers engage and prosper in the digital world. We're Klones, and we're shaping the future of social engagement.




As a tech enthusiast with visionary tendencies, I'm dedicated to making the world a more interactive place, one AI clone at a time. Currently, I'm looking for my own Klone to manage my coffee runs!




Living on the exciting frontier of AI, I transform lines of code into engaging conversationalists. While I may speak fluent machine learning and NLP, I promise my human jokes are worth sticking around for!




As the resident product whisperer, I craft our Klones to be as engaging as your favorite influencer and twice as responsive. If you ever find a Klone telling a dad joke, you know who to blame!

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